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ALS focuses on the development of innovative software components for Computer Aided Design and Engineering (CAD/CAE). The main product of ALS for this and other relevant domains is the General Geometric Constraint Manager (GGCM).

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GGCM is a 2D/3D integrated, fully variational constraint manager, providing technology-leading variational solving for assembly management, part design, curve and surface editing, robotics, smooth kinematic motion simulation, and other application areas. GGCM offers superior solvability, performance and behaviour, and is extensible giving vast control and independence to the Client system.

GGCM is based on breakthrough non-linear equation solving technology that uniquely solves configurations and problems of different types, sizes and complexities, with superior results to other known approaches.

GGCM is equipped with a simple C/C++ API for integration into any Client software system.

ALS offers extensive support to developers working with GGCM, including technical documentation, free evaluations with technical support, ready-to-compile examples, and a complete Open Source application framework.


Application areas

We are constantly exploring new application areas for GGCM. The domains within which it has already been applied include constraint management, part design, 2D and 3D curve manipulation, assembly management, robotics, surfacing, kinematics, simulation of physical properties, and many more...


Unique features

Apart from its solvability and performance capabilities, GGCM has additional unique features including powerful failure diagnostics, rigid subassemblies, stiffness analysis, advanced engineering equation constraints, truly variational curve and surface manipulation, optimisation capabilities as well as others...


Strategic partnerships

ALS is in a long-term strategic partnership with Spatial Corporation for the business development, promotion and sales of GGCM. Recently ALS also became a member of the Corallia Technology Clusters Initiative.


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GGCM snapshots

Latest updates

September 2012

GGCM presented at Spatial Insiders' Summit in Colorado...


July 2012

New 3DCS Mechanical Variation Analyst Based on GGCM...


November 2011

GGCM solving technology presented at the IREX International Robotics Exhibition in Tokyo...


October 2011

GGCM solving technology presented at the Spatial 3D Insider's Summit in Colorado...


June 2011

New version V1.45 of GGCM Client Application released...